Lesson Plan : The Measurement Hunt

Teacher Name:
 Colleen Meek
 Grade 6

 All students will be able to demonstrate accurate measurements of objects using a ruler and estimate measurements with 80 % accuracy.
 Students will develop/demonstrate an understanding of measurement by the inch and foot using a ruler and through estimating measurements by comparison. They will be challenged with a "measurement hunt" for objects in the classroom that are of certain lengths
 ruler pencil blank paper worksheet
 The teacher will have the students jump out of their desks and line up in a straight row from the tallest down to the shortest. Each student will be asked how tall they are. Then the teacher will ask, "What do you think we are going to be learning about?" The teacher will then talk about measurement (using height as an example) and explain that over the next 30 minutes they will be learning how to measure items such as their shoes, fingers, hands, and different objects throughout the room.
 The teacher will ask the students to return to their desks and pull out the ruler in their desk. (Teacher will be showing what a ruler is in her hand in front of the class.) Once the students are seated with rulers out the teacher will begin asking questions about measurement: Does anyone know what a ruler is used for? How do you use it? What is an inch? What is a 1/2 inch? How many inches are in a foot? What is a foot of distance?
 The teacher will then ask the students to measure the length of their pencil and other objects located at their desk. They must choose five items to measure. They will write their answers and the items name on a blank sheet of lined paper and when completed raise their hand so the teacher can check their work.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will monitor (while moving throughout the room) the progress of each student and provide guidance/instruction when needed during both the individual seat work and group work activities.
 Remember to tie this lesson into measuring the growth of plants, animals, objects, etc... Make sure the students choose a variety of objects to measure including themselves!
Teacher Reflections:

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