Lesson Plan : Investigating Chemical Changes

Teacher Name:
 Nicholas Piacquadio
 Grade 5

 Physical Science: Chemical Changes
 Chemical Property, Chemical Change, Chemical Reaction
 Students will be able to take what they have learned about Chemical Changes and be able to predict what will happen, observe what does happen and infer what would happen if they were to change the procedure.
 Students will be able to investigate how several materials combine, and look for evidence of a chemical change.
 safety goggles, 2 balloons, funnel, plastic spoon, baking soda, paper towels, water, 2 plastic bottles, vinegar
 I will introduce the activity by reviewing what we had learned about chemical change and chemical reactions. I will ask students for examples of a chemical change. I will then explain to them what we will be doing together in class and ask them to predict what they think will happen.
 We will turn to page B38 in our textbook and follow the procedure. 1.Students must make a chart to record their predictions and observations. 2. Students must put on their safety goggles. Stretch two balloons by pulling gently on them. Use a funnel to put a spoonful of baking soda into each balloon. Set the balloon aside. 3. Wipe the funnel clean with a paper towel. Use the funnel to fill the bottle with water until it is 1/4 full. 4. Stretch the opening of one of the balloons around the opening of the bottle. Be careful not to spill any baking soda into the water. 5. What will happen when the baking soda mixes with water? Lift the balloon so that the baking soda falls into the water. What happens to the balloon? What happens to water when you swirl the baking soda and water together? 6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 using another plastic bottle. Use vinegar in place of the water.
Checking For Understanding:
 We will review the Interpret Your Results questions together in class.
 You must explain to them that different substances have different chemical reactions when they are combined. Sometimes when two substances are combined they do not react with each other. Give examples.
 Students will be handed a Lab Manuel sheet where they will need to transfer the information they recorded and answer two questions about the experiment. This will be done for homework and handed in for a project/lab grade.
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