Lesson Plan : Gathering and Using Data

Teacher Name:
 J. Cafasso
 Grade 3

 graph, chart, data, tally chart, frequency table, tally marks
 The students will be able to gather data using a survey, organize and compile that data into both a tally chart and a frequency table, and use that information to make a bar graph and/or a circle graph.
 Students will: 1. Organize information into a graph forms. 2. Understand the type of graph that helps them best explain data that they are presenting.
 paper and pencil, other students to survey, computer access
 Ask students what their favorite store is: Gamestop, Best Buy, or Target. Tally responses. Discuss the tally marks and what they mean/represent.
 Take the information from the tallys and make a t-chart for the students. Show the tallies. Next to that chart, construct a Frequency Table, changing the tallies into numbers. Take the Frequency table and create a bar graph, explaining the X and Y axis, titles, numbering, etc.
 Give the students a slip of paper with a topic and three choices on it to survey their peers with. Ex: Favorite Football Team, Steelers, Patriots, or Cowboys. Survey the class and gather the information onto their own tallyl chart.
Checking For Understanding:
 Bar graph will have a title, an X and Y axis and information will be correctly marked on the bars (will correspond to the numbers on the frequency table.)
 Share the information gained from the student's surveys on their bar graphs with the rest of the class - OR - work in pairs and one student shows and explains their graph to the other, then vice versa.
 Student will be able to repeat the process with a different survey question from start to finish, with little to no intervention from the teacher.
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