Lesson Plan : A Plan for Problem Solving

Teacher Name:
 Miss Busboom
 Grade 7-8

 Problem Solving
 Chapter 1-1
 Students will solve problems by using the four-step plan
 7.PS.14 7.PS.16
 Smartboard CHAP 1-1 Worksheet (Binder Checklist #1)
 Kickoff: Draw the next two figures from the pattern below.(draw an empty cirlce, an empty square, an empty triangle, and a shaded-in circle on the board)
 Have students read the four-step plan on the front of their packet. Have students come up to the board and match each step to its description (Smartboard) Model the first exercise on the page for students. Show them how you want their answers to look EX 1: A movie tickets costs $3.50. A large popcorn costs $3.75 and a large soda costs $3.00. How much will it cost for two friends to go to a movie if they share a popcorn and each has a larger soda? Explore: Tickets $3.50 How much for two friends Popcorn $3.75 to go to movies? Lg Soda $3.00 Plan: Find the price of the two tickets, the two sodas and the popcorn and add them together. Sovle: Tickets 2(3.5) = 7.00 Sodas 2(3) = 6.00 Popcorn 1(3.75)= 3.75 Answer $16.75
 Have students try the second exercise on their own. After they're done, have a student walk you through the steps (stop to correct them if they make a mistake) EX 2: The population of a flour beetle doubles in about a week. How long would it take for the population to grow eight times its original size? Explore: Population doubles every week How long till population is 8X bigger? Plan: Draw a diagram Solve: (draw a shaded in circle on the board that represents the current population. Draw and arrow pointing to two shaded in circles to represent the population after a week. Continue doubling the circles till you reach eight-week 3) Answer is 3 weeks
Checking For Understanding:
 Frequently stop to ask students questions (i.e. What do I do next? Does my solution answer the question? What was my mistake?) Check for understanding by walking through the class during independent work and checking their progress.
 Students have the remainder of the class to work on their homework (complete the odd numbered questions from the rest of the packet) If several students are stuck on the same problem, go over as a group to address any gaps in instruction
 Most students had problems with the homework that night (several had notes from parents stating that they tried but couldn't understand the problem) Students did not fully understand the more complicated word problems
Teacher Reflections:
 Next time I teach this lesson, I will go over more problems with the class and assign them simpler problems the first night. I would make this a two day lesson.

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