Lesson Plan : Charting Color Distribution

Teacher Name:
 Dean Ingalls
 Grade 7-8

 Using graphs to investigate information.
 Charts, Graphs, and Tables.
 Students will use graphing as a method of communicating information.
 1. Students will record color distribution in a spreadsheet format. 2. Students will convert spreadsheet information into a Bar graph.
 1. Two bags of M& M's. 2. Student Handout A. 3. Computer with Microsoft Excel program.
 1. Students given instructions for completing the color distribution chart on Handout working in groups of two. 2. Teacher demonstrates procedure for entering information into an Excel spreadsheet while students follo along entering their information.
 Step by step instructions for using an Excel spreadsheet. Note: Students follow the instructors demonstration entering the information from their distribution worksheet.
 1. In groups of two students complete color distribution chart handout. 2. Students enter data into spreadsheet by following instructor demonstration.
 1. Students who do not have access to technology may draw a Bar graph representing color distribution to complete homework assignment.
Checking For Understanding:
 Class Discussion - Students answer following questions. 1. How many different colors are in each bag of candy? 2. Which color appears most in your bags of candy? 3. What are your predictions for the two most color types that would appear in five bags of M & M's?
 Discuss how organizing information into a chart and a graph helped to make a prediction of color distribution.
 Check: 1. Accuracy of data collection. 2. Accuracy of data entry into a spreadsheet. 3. Ability to work together. 4. Accuracy of constructed Bar graph.
Teacher Reflections:
 Questions: 1. Was the lesson interesting? 2. Did the students enjoy the lesson? 3. Did students demonstrate understanding of color distribution, chart completion, spreadsheet use, and making future predictions? 4. What could I do to make the lesson more successful? 5. What were the problem areas of the lesson for teacher and students?

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