Lesson Plan : Adding Integers -10 to 10

Teacher Name:
 Grade 7-8

 Adding integers ranging from -10 through +10
 Integers Negative Positive Zero Pairs
 The students will be able to add integers ranging from -10 through +10 without manipulatives by the end of the class period. Students will be on task and working the entire time.
 Given a worksheet and manipulatives the students will add integers ranging from -10 through +10. Given the time to practice with partners, the students will add integers without the use of manipulatives.
 Smartboard, smart notebook, worksheet, red counters with - sign, black counters with + sign, pre-printed notes (one larger, one regular size), set of manipulatives with raised - and + signs
 The students will begin the lesson by solving a "real-world" application problem dealing with shopping and integers.
 The students will learn what the manipulatives represent and what a zero pair is. The students will then watch the teacher demonstrate a problem using the manipulatives.
 The students will be guided through 3 practice problems with the teacher while using the manipulatives.
 During independent practice the students may choose to use the manipulatives or not to use them. The visually impaired child will be sat near the front and provided with large print notes prior to the lesson. She will also be provided with manipulatives that have raised + and - signs on them instead of the regular ones. The hearing impaired child will be sat near the front of the room. He will be provided with a set of class notes prior to the start of the lesson. The ADHD child will be in charge of handing out all materials.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students will have to solve two adding integer problems without the manipulatives at the end of class.
 The students must verbally state to a teacher or write down the steps they are taking as they solve the two problems.
 The students will fill out exit cards before they leave. Each student must write down something they understand about the lesson and something they are unsure of.
Teacher Reflections:
 Did the students have enough time to practice adding integers? Were most of the students able to add without the use of manipulatives by the end of the class? What worked well with the students today? What will I do differently next class?

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