Lesson Plan : Geometry Manipulative

Teacher Name:
 Karyn Kelly
 Grade 6

 Geometry Manipulative: Design With Circles
 After giving a history of how the Islamic Culture uses circles as a unit of measurement, students are given the opportunity to practice using compasses to draw circles. Students will find trianges that are formed within the pattern by connecting the centers and one of the points where the circles cross.
 Use circles to construct regular polygons Use circles to identify rotational and reflectional symmetry Use circles to predict symmetry of a pattern
 The students will be able to create symmetrical triangles using a compass The students will be able to find equilateral triangles with the circles The students will be able to identify patterns of triangles within a pattern of circles
 Construction Paper Markers, Pens, or Pencils Compass Ruler
 Ask the students to share their knowledge og what a radius is and if they have ever created symmetrical circles using a compass. Tell the students that today they will be using a compass to create a pattern of circles that will have geometric shapes with it. Read "Geometric Concepts in Islamic Art" by Issam El-Said and Ayse Parman. Discuss the concepts in greater detail using visual aids and example artwork. Ask the students id they see any of the patterns and shapes within the artwork. Explain to the students that using a compass to create similar patterns will bring geometric shapes. Have the students practice drawing circle patterns.
 Begin by drawing a single circle and using the radius as the point of reference for the other circles of the pattern. Connect the centers and one of the points where the circles cross in order to form an equilateral triangle. Discuss why all the sides of the triangle have the same length.
 Have the students continue to draw new circles using new intersection points. Discuss aloud what the pattern looks like as circles continue to be drawn.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask the students what they found to be most difficult? What was easy? Where there any patterns?
 Ask the students what their favorite part of the activity was and why? Ask them why it is important to be able to recognize shapes and patterns within other patterns.
 Following the NCTM Standards, students will be able to use coordinate geometry to represent and examine the properties of geometric shapes. Students will also be able to describe, classify, and understand relationships among types of two deminsional objects using their defining properties; mainly with circles and triangles.
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