Lesson Plan : Geometry and Planes

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Mason
 Grade 6

 Plane Geometry
 Points, Lines, Planes, Angles, Angle Relationships, Classifying Lines, Parallel Line Relationships, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons.
 Students will be able to describe figures by using the terms of geometry. Students will be able to measure, classify, estimate, and draw angles. Students will be able to understand the relationships of angles. Students will be able to classify the different types of lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, as well as regular and not regular polygons.
 Students will be able to work in small groups to conduct experiments. Students will be able to record their findings to be handed in to the teacher. Students will be able to work efficiently and cooperatively in small groups.
 Worksheet, set of activity cards depending on each individual activity, computer.
 The teacher will review the various concepts already learned in class that pertain to this lesson.
 The teacher will make sure each student has their notes to help them with the various experiments. The teacher will explain what is expected from each experiment and what should be recorded on their worksheet. The teacher will let the students know that the worksheet will be handed in.
 The teacher will show and explain the various experiments and answer any questions the students may have regarding these experiments.
 There are certain students who need more guidance and those students would be able to use their notes to help them decipher through the various experiments. The teacher will also be able to spend more time with those individuals. For those students who are more high functioning, they would be a speed round for each activity as well as a period of time where they can create their own activity to be used as a review.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher would be available for any questions or concerns. The teacher would be walking around to each group and may ask questions and see what is working and what is not working for the students. In addition, there are worksheets the students need to fill out and hand in. There would be space for them to write down any thoughts they had during all of the various activities.
 These activities would take a few class periods. Each class period may be started with a review of concepts. Each class period may end with student comments and what they have learned.
 The students would need to hand in a worksheet that was completed for each activity. In addition, there is a comments section that may be filled in for any other information they have wanted to share.
Teacher Reflections:
 The teacher would hope that the students had fun reviewing the concepts learned in the classroom. The teacher would hope that the students did retain the information and were able to help each other find the oorrect solutions instead of working against each other.

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