Lesson Plan : Tanagram Man

Teacher Name:
 Grade 5

 Geometry. Classifying Triangles by Sides and Angles.(NC 3.01)
 Creating and Classifying Triangles. Vocabulary: equilateral, scalene, isoceles triangles. Obtuse, acute, and right triangles.
 TLW create different types of triangles using measurements given and classify each triangle by angles and length of lines.
 TLW create and classify different types of triangles based on measurement of angles and measurement of the three sides.
 Protractor, scissors, ruler, pencil, construction paper, tanagram triangle instructions, elmo.
 I will introduce the lesson by review the different ways we can classify triangles. We will give each triange a first and last name. The first name will be based on the measurement of the angles (acute, obtuse, right) and the measurement of the sides (scalene, equilateral, isoceles)I will show differnt types of triangles and we will give each triangle a first and last name.
 Using the ELMO, I will model and draw the measurement of a triangle using a protractor and a ruler. I will emphasis the importance of making sure the angle measurement and line measurement is accurate. Once the triange is cut out, I will then ask the students to give this triange a first and last name based on the angle measurement and length of the 3 sides.
 The students will draw and measure the first triangle on their assignment with me using their ruler and protractor. Once they have drawn their triangle they will pass their paper to someone in their group for them to check their measurements before the triangle is cut out. Then we will go over the first and last name of the triangle based on angle measurement and length of the 3 sides.
 For the students who are struggling with geometry I will place the students in groups so they can receive help measuring their angles from a stronger math student.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students will be assessed on the correct measurement of the angle and line measurement of the triangles and the correct classification of each triangle based on lines and angles.
 The students will share their tanagram man designs with the class. We will discuss the process of creating the different triangles, which triangles were easiest to make, which triangles were the most difficult. Then we will close by reviewing once again the classification of triangles.
 The students will be evaluated by the correct measurement of each triangle as well as the correct classification of each triangle based upon measurement of angle and length of sides.
Teacher Reflections:
 The students loved this lesson because if combined art with geometry. They students had fun creating their tangagram men while learning the classifications of triangles. Some students were extremely creative at arranging their triangles to create art. I even had some ask if they could create other figures such as flowers instead of a man. They looked great hanging up in the classroom.

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