Lesson Plan : Shapes/Space and Geometry

Teacher Name:
 Sue Parkinson
 Grade 4

 To build upon Shape/Space and Geometric concepts learnt previously. Particularly their properties.
 Folding, cutting,using mirrors,(alternative methods encouraged), to make new shapes from given shapes, polygons (quadrilateral,pentagon,hexagon,octagon). Show possible, nets, angles, tessellations,variations and properties of shapes.
 students will have greater knowledge of their own capabilities and imaginations. To understand geometric terms. be able to visualise and verbalise their findings, to take comprehensive notes and be able to share with others.
 Four groups of students to rotate. Co-operate and share ideas. Share with rest of class. Two rotations each lesson, will take two lesson periods. Group1. Basic tessellations. Group 2. Use bodies to make shapes (can use as whole group).Group 3.Fold, cut to change shapes. Group 4. invesigate angles and properties,pararllel and intersecting.
 Coloured paper, Plain paper, scissors, glue, protractors, themselves, pens, maths books
 Why in every day life is it important to learn geometry, identify situation in which this knowledge can be used, and discuss.
 Thinking, discussing, recording data. Using body movements to make shapes. Explain findings using geometric terms. build confidence, trusting others.
 Be aware of space within room, direction and sharing of ideas. Use originality as much as possible. discuss.
 Any special needs to be adapted according to abilities and simpler tasks
Checking For Understanding:
 bbserving group make sure appropriate interaction is happening. Correcting work, encouraging higher thinking. Marking work. Keeping to time scale.
 Teacher to ask groups their results, get feedback. let groups nominate 1 member to share dicoveries with rest of class, prior to rotating next lesson.
Teacher Reflections:

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