Lesson Plan : Long Division

Teacher Name:
 Aimee Brownlee
 Grade 5

 Long Division with whole numbers and decimals - practice and/or remediation
 Long Division using whole numbers and/or decimals Friendly numbers, multiples, dividend, quotient, divisor
 1. Students will identify friendly numbers or multiples. 2. Students will solve long division problems with whole numbers and/or decimals. 3. Students will complete the Unit 5 Pretest 4. Students will practice division skills through Everyday math games.
 Laptops, overhead, slates
 WC - Review procedures, explain stations, set timer and break away. Laptops - Everyday Math online games, individuals, login information posted, Math games - Division Dash and Divisibility Dash with a partner, Pre-Test Unit 5- Solve, Correct with answer key, and record number correct, Division Practice Sheet - Solve, Correct using answer key, record number correct, Small Group - meets with me.
 Small Group - Demonstrate 34/3 with cubes, Estimate first, then divide cubes while discussing. (Quotient is number in each group, dividend is the total number we start with, divisor is the number of groups we are making). Students solve 23/5(4R3) using cubes, check for understanding and discuss. Model 23/5 on slate, think aloud using multiples of 5. Students then use slate to solve 53/4 (13R1).
 Small Group - Students will model with cubes independently. The students will complete a division problem on their slate and discuss as a group.
 For students who have not memorized basic multiplication facts, calculators or fact table. Small groups over the course of the next week will address the needs of the specific small group.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each student will complete an Exit Slip with the problem 209/10. Collect and use to inform instruction of small group next time they meet.
 Give students their independent work sheet and instruct them to work independently but check in with their partner when they complete each problem. End of Class - Complete planner page for homework as a class - Take home test and correct answers, have a parent sign. Due Monday.
 Slate problems, independent work sheet Online math game scores Pre-Test Scores for Unit 5
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