Lesson Plan : Displaying Data

Teacher Name:
 Anyonga Blackwell
 Grade 7-8

 Using graphs to show information.
 Bar graphs Frequency table Histograms Line graphs
 Students will display data using bar graphs, histograms and line graphs.
 The learner will demonstrate understanding of collecting, organizing, analyzing and displaying data (including scatter plots) to solve problems by using bar graphs,histographs and line graphs.
 Holt Matematics Lesson Presentation CD-ROM 4-5 Smart Board Interactive Study Guide 4-5
 Ask students if they are familiar with graphs and to give examples of where they have seen graphs before. Show students examples of graphs in newspapers, magazines and differnet textbooks. Discuss the benefits of presenting informatioan in a graph. Have studetns name some types of graphs.
 Use the Smart board to present the Lesson on Displaying Data on the CD-ROM disk. Point out that graphs allow you to visually compare data with ease. Discuss the similiarities and differneces among the types of graphs. Point out important differences between the bar graph and the histogram. Explain to students what intervals are.
 Students would complete and Intercative Study Guide displayed on the Smart board. While the teacher assists.
 Students will look through their social studies book to find a table of values. Students will be aske to work in pairs to creat a bar or line graph to show data. Then the students will present and explain their grpahs to the class.
Checking For Understanding:
 Student will complete the Lesson Quiz displayed on the Smart board.
 Studets will create a table on the board to compare and contrast the three types of graphs studied in the lesson. Student will be asked to complete the table by listing characteristics for each type of graph.
 At the end of the lesson my students showed 100% mastery.
Teacher Reflections:
 I was impressed with how the lesson turned out. Since teaching this lesson, I have gain knowledge of making graphs from a creating graphs website. Therefore, the changes I would make in this lesson would be to included an activity where the student would bring in some type of data and they before hand and they would create they own type graphs.

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