Lesson Plan : Shapes with Jump Frog

Teacher Name:

 Identify basic shapes.
 Shapes angles circle corners triangle sides square straight lines rectangle
 TLW be able to identify a circle, square, rectangle, triangle. TLW be able to draw the 4 shapes. TLW be able to build the 4 shapes. TLW observe shapes in the environment.
 3.01 Identify, build, draw, and name triangles, rectangles, circles, and squares (CCS); identify, build, and name spheres and cubes. *Second quarter focus: Identify, build, draw, and name triangles, rectangles, circles, and squares.
 lily pads with shapes Jump Frog Jump, by Byron Barton shapes Shapes, Shapes, Shapes by Tana Hoban playdough paper and pencil
 Read aloud to the class the Story Jump Frog Jump, by Byron Barton. Spread the lily pads out on the floor. The first student will turn to the first page in the book Shapes, Shapes, Shapes and correctly identify the shape in the picture. The student will then act like a frog and jump to the corresponding shape on the lily pads. The other students may chant the lines Jump, (child�s name), Jump from the story they just heard. The game continues with the next child in line.
 TLW move to their desk where they will be aksed to hold up particular shapes. TLW also be asked to describe the shapes.
 The teacher will model drawing a shape and then the student will draw the shape. After each shape has been drawn once the student will go back and draw two more shapes for each shape.
Checking For Understanding:
 As students are working on playdough models the teacher will walk around and have each student identify the plastic shapes.
 Students will be asked to go find a shape in their environment and bring it back to the circle. Students will take turns naming their shape and describing it.
 Direct observation. Observe students choosing the correct shape. Observe students drawing shapes correctly. Observe student playdough models. While students are completing work individually ask students to name shapes. 90% mastery on the K-2 assessment.
Teacher Reflections:
 Was the lesson to fast paced? We're students able to use correct terminology when describing shapes? How can I make this lesson more meaningful.

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