Lesson Plan : Multiplying and Dividing Radicals

Teacher Name:
 Emily Werner
 Grade 11-12

 Multiplying and Dividing Radical Expressions
 Radical expressions, multiplying and dividing, perfect squares and cubes, rationalizing the denominator
 To teach students how to multiply and divide radical expressions. Also to teach students how and when to rationalize the denominator when a radical expression contains a radical in the denominator. Explain to students why a radical multiplied by itself results in the radicand.
 1) Students learn the multiplying radicals property and how to use it 2) Students have more practice simplifying radical expressions. 3) Students learn how to multiply, and then simplify radical expressions 4) Students learn the dividing radicals property and how to use it 5) Students learn what rationalizing the denominator means, and why it is needed 6) Students practice rationalizing the denominator, and then simplifying radical expressions
 overhead, overhead markers, transparencies, whiteboard, whiteboard markers, overhead calculator
 This lesson is divided into two days. Day one focuses on multiplying radicals. Day two focuses on dividing radicals. Students are introduced to the multiplying radicals property and how to use it in simplifying.
 Teacher gives students examples on multiplying radicals, simplifying radicals, and multiplying and simplifying radicals.
 Students practice multiplying and simplifying parts of different examples,and then are walked through the correct process to make sure that they understand the process.
 different colors, verbal and visual instructions, lots of practice
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will occasionally stop and check for students' understanding of the topic so far. Teacher asks different students or different tables to provide their answers to vary student participation in class.
 Teacher gives students the homework assignment, and encourages them to try every homework problem. Teacher tells students that they will continue section 2 the next day.
Teacher Reflections:

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