Lesson Plan : Odd Geometric Shapes

Teacher Name:
 Tricia Koning
 Grade 1

 -Final review of all 2D and 3D shapes and their attributes -Recognition of various shapes in everyday objects That are not obvious ex. water bottle-body is a lg cylinder, neck is a small cylinder, cap has a circle shape -building their own 3D 'castle' using wooden blocks and then representing it in 2D form on paper
 -students will recognize all 2D and 3D shapes their attributes and properties -students will recognize these shapes in non-traditionally shaped objects -students will build a 3D castle -students will draw a 2D representation of their castle and calculate the # of 3D shapes used in a chart form
 -demonstration models of 2D and 3D shapes -large quantities of 3D blocks for building castles -worksheets, pencils -'Shapes' book
 -read 'Shapes' book to students
 -review all 2D and 3D shapes with students modelling appropriate words for their attributes and discussing their properties -show class 3D objects that are composed of a variety of 3D shapes. Ask them what shapes they see on the objects, break them down -tell kids that to end our unit on 2 & 3D shapes, everyone gets to build their own castle and that we will take a picture of them with it.
 -to help them with this activity and with filling out their worksheet, model these activities.
 -visual review and discussion -hands on activity -writing activity
Checking For Understanding:
 -check for comprehension and understanding of geometrical concepts and language during lesson and castle building activity.
 -taking a picture of students and their castles for classroom display
Teacher Reflections:
 I would work harder on the picture development stage of this lesson. Kids really enjoyed it.

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