Lesson Plan : Geometry 2D shapes

Teacher Name:
 Tricia Koning
 Grade 1

 Lesson 3: Sorting and Classifying 2D shapes by their various attributes Creating 2D shapes
 1. Model sorting & classifying shapes in different ways according to their attributes ex. # of corners, # of sides, sizes, colours 2.Small group work to observe individual students comprehension as they sort and classify 2D shapes according to their attributes 3.Students will create their own shapes on geo-board and then play a teacher directed 'What Shape an I game?'
 cut out shapes w tape on back for sorting demonstration chart paper and markers cut out shapes for sorting activity, a variety of sizes and colours worksheet pencils 1 geoboard/student
 Students at carpet tell them we are going to sort and classify shapes according to their various attributes
 ask students if I want to classify shapes by their number of corners which shapes would belong where (0,3,4 written on whiteboard), continue with # of sides, sides the same length, size of shape etc hold up a shape and call on individual students to answer model to students proper use of elastics and how to create shapes on a geoboard or play 'shape battleship' with a friend tell them that when they are done their work they can come play with the geoboards on the carpet and that we are going to play a fun game with the geoboards at the end of the lesson
 tell students that they are going to take turns working with me in small groups doing a sorting activity while others complete the worksheet
 modelling group activity small group independent work hands on manipulatives reading/writing/visual/doing learners
Checking For Understanding:
 small group work allows for teacher observation of individual comprehension worksheet for comprehension shape representations on geo-boards
Teacher Reflections:

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