Lesson Plan : Stream Table

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Clark
 Grade 5

 Show erosion and depostion
 1.Have students set up a stream table which will represent a model of the Grand Canyon.
 Use stream table to represent how the flow of water over time will erode away the earth materials beneath it creating canyons, valleys, flood plains, beaches and deltas.
 1 tray with earth material 1 L water 1 ruler 1 wood angle 1 basin 2 hand lenses 1 meter tape land form vocabulary sheet
 We talked yesterday about the Grand Canyon and how the COlorado River flows through it. Someone asked how larget the Grand Canyon actually was. -The grand Canyon is streatches 277 miles along the Colorado Riverin Arizona. -about 5,000 feet deep in places -it is considers one of the most splendid natural wonders of the world. -created over 1.7 billion years ago
 Give studetns landfor vocabulary sheet. -Go over the vocab sheet and have the students keep these words in mind and see if they notice any similarities in the models that will be set up on the floor. -compare stream tables and Grandy Canyon - Ask What happend to the earth material in the stream table that once filled the area that is now a canyon? - How are your stream tables like the picture of the Grand Canyon?
 Go over what they have seen with their stream tables. Go over vocab words
 Go around to SPED kids who will need extra help writing the vocab words.
Checking For Understanding:
 Collect science workbooks and check for kids understanding on how flat land can be eroded away creating deltas and platueaus.
Teacher Reflections:

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