Lesson Plan : Points, line segments

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 Grade 4

 To introduce tools for geometry; and to review points, line segments, lines and rays.
 *Identify and draw line segments, lines, and rays. *Describe characteristics of line segments,lines and rays. *Use letter symbol notation to name line segments, lines and rays. Key vocabulary: point, line segment, endpoint, line, ray
 Students will be able to recognize a point, line segment, line and a ray. Students will also recognize that geometry is everywhere.
 Students will be able to independently complete/(draw) student page 4/Math journal....points, line segments and rays. Additionally, students will play "addition top it" to develop automaticity with addition facts.
 Student Reference book..pg 88,89 Math Journal 1, pg 4 Math Journal pg 5 (Math Boxes) Addition Top It or Addition Flashcards Math Masters pg 506 (for recording several rounds of top it) (?) Study Link 1-2 (assess extra practice of this lesson)
 Pass out slates...dry eraser marker. Pose the problem: (How much is 12-7?). Students write the answer on their slates. Do about 12 mental math calculations togehter having the students reveal their answer each time. Geometry Focus: Students read p 88 and p 89 Geometry in our World. Generate a discussion about the article. Use the classroom to have the students give examples of geometry in the classroom.
 Teacher presents: draw two dots and lable them A and B. Tell students that the dots represent points. Use a straightedge to connect the dots. Remind the class that this figure is called a line segment and the letters are often used to name line segments. Explain endpoints and lines.
 Students will practice line segments, points, endpoints, lines on their white boards and label each. The book references math journal pg 4 (I think this is too difficult and I like the Study Link pg 8 better). Text also references math boxes 1-2 pg 5...this can be completed independently.
 Use the white board and have students practice drawing line segments, lines and rays.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have students explain the difference between a line segment and a line. Students are making adequate progress if they are able to explain that a line segment has a beginning and an end, and a line continues in both directions without end.
 Review definitions of: points, line segment, endpoints, ray and line. Provide an example of each for display.
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