Lesson Plan : Measuring Length

Teacher Name:
 Amber, Victoria, Jaime
 Grade 1

 Measurement - Length
 TEKS: 1.7b, 1.11ad, 1.12 and 1.13.
 The student will be able to demonstrate with snap cubes how to place objects in order by their lengths.
 The student will compare and order two or more real objects according to length (from longest to shortest).
 Using a circle word map, tree map describing all types of measurements, snap cubes, object cards, and student class objects in the room.
 Open with our objectives. Amber will write them on the board while Jaime reviews past measurement terms and leads into measurements by lengths. Victoria will continue to help the class review by drawing a circle map on the board and ask the class what they remember about past measurement topics.
 Amber will start the lesson with a worksheet on measurements with snap cubes. Jaime and victoria will pass out the object cards for the students to record measurements on for review. We will divide the class into groups of 4. We will show the class how to use the snap cubes to measure and how to record their answers on the object cards.
 Students will then measure items on their desk like pens, books, and/or binders and compare with the other students in their group. Victoria will then start the next segment by reading the gingerbread man story (if time permits)and then have the students draw out a gingerbread man on provided worksheets to compare with their group.
Checking For Understanding:
 (Time permitting) Have students line up in order of their gingerbread man from largest to smallest.
 Pass out gingerbread cookies to the whole class for participation. Review by asking questions on understanding objectives.
Teacher Reflections:

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