Lesson Plan : Dog or Cat?

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Hawkins
 Grade 1

 Probability and Data Analysis
 Subject matter - Math Vocabulary: possible - capable of happening or being done impossible - not capable of happening or being done likely- having or showing a strong chance of happening
 The students will be able to: complete a simple bar graph determine the likelihood of a certain outcome give examples of things that are possible/impossible
 Describe the likelihood of simple events as possible/impossible and more likely/less likely Display data in picture graphs with units of 1 and bar graphs with intervals of 1. Use active listening skills, such as making eye contact or asking questions. Follow simple oral directions. Identify words that have similar meanings (synonyms) and words that have opposite meanings (antonyms). Recognize common sight words.
 **empty tissue box with 6 postcards attached to side, 4 with the word "cat" and 2 with the word "dog" (1 for every 2 students) **copies of bar graph (1 for every 2 students) **crayons **sentence stripes with vocabulary words printed
 The lesson will begin with the students being gathered together and getting their attention by using a class signal.
 This lesson is included in a 2-week long unit of probability and data analysis and it will include many different activities.
 We will review the vocabulary words from the previous lesson as printed and displayed on the sentence strips. I will ask the students to give me examples of things that are possible (e.g. bunnies hop) and impossible (e.g. people can fly).I will then show the students the word cube with the words "cat" and "dog" printed as well as the bar graph that is drawn on the board. I will model for the students how to roll the cube and make the graph with the outcome.
 Students needing extra help will be paired with a student who can provide that help.
Checking For Understanding:
 One the students have completed the assignment, the class will come back together to discuss their findings. I will then ask the students to tell me why it is more likely that the word cat was rolled as compared to the word dog.
 We will close this lesson by reviewing the vocabulary again. The word cube and empty bar graphs will be added to the manipulatives that the students may access during a free time to use again.
Teacher Reflections:

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