Lesson Plan : Discounts and Sales Tax

Teacher Name:
 Angela M. Jones
 Grade 6
 Vocational Ed.

 How to Calculate Discounts and Sales Tax
 Students will be able to independently calculate discounts and sales tax.
 Students will be able to calcualte the total cost of an item based on percent discount and sales tax. Students will be able to change percents to decimals and find the percent number. The student will be able to calculate the discount, sales price and sales tax for a dollar amount.
 calculators sales papers paper pencils handouts
 Teacher will review converting percents to decimals. Stduents will change a variety of percents to decimals (ie 50% 10%, 33.3% 1. 5% etc)
 Teacher will ask students if they ever look at the price tag of their favorite video games, toys, clothes etc at the store. What happens at the register? Ask them if they pay the exact price on the tag. Ask what does it mean to have a discount (introduce new vocabulary: discount, sales tax) Discuss North Carolina's sales tax. Continue conversation about discounts and begin to relate this conversation with converting percents to decimals. Introduce the sales papers and how sales items are presented in these ads.
 Students will work in groups using the sales papers to find items that are discounted and are required to find out the price of the item after the discount. Then they are to calculate the sales tax of the same item and present the final price of the item.
Checking For Understanding:
 CBI outing for real world application of calculating discounts and sales tax.
 Teacher will review the lesson, the real world application and any evaluations with students independently.
 Students will be able to independently calculate sales tax and discounts in real world applications and on paper.
Teacher Reflections:

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