Lesson Plan : Going Crackers

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 Grade 1

 In this lesson the students will sort and classify by shapes four kinds of crackers.
 -estimating -sorting -classifying -predicting -graphing
 -To understand and use data that is collected. -To identify and describe basic geometric figures.
 -The learner will compare and contrast geometric figures. -The learner will collect, organize, describe and sort data using a graph.
 -four boxes of crackers in the shape of an oval, square, circle, and rectangle. -sorting sheet -graph sheet -baggies -crayons -two charts, one for predictions and one for actual count. -gummed circles, two colors
 Boys and girls yesterday we talked about four kinds of shapes. Oh excuse me for a minute I am so hungry. (Teacher grabs bag filled with different shape crackers) The only thing I can find to eat are these crackers. Now lets talk shapes. Who can tell me a shape that we learned yesteday that has no sides or corners.(Teacher keeps eating the circle cracker) Do you see any circles around us now? Questions continue with each shape. Children will be encourage to talk about the shapes the teacher is eating.Teacher explains that today they are going to get a shape bag of crakers to work with also and when they are finished they'll get to eat theirs too.
 The teacher passes out baggies full of crackers to each student. The teacher holds up her baggie and say "I wonder how many crackers I have in my baggie. I wonder I have more circle or more squares. I think the best way for me to figure this out is to estimate how many of each type of crackers that I have. Let talk about the word estimate. Teacher then displays prepared estimating chart with the four types of crackers on the bottom.Each shape has two columns-one for predictions and one for actual count.The teacher gives each student a gummed sticker.The teacher will show one shape at a time and have the students make a prediction of which shape will have the most by placing a gummed stickerover the shape.
 Now lets take your baggies to your table spot. Teacher hands out sorting sheet. Open your baggies and sort your chackers based on their shapes.Children sort crackers while teacher circulates and stops to ask questions to children for understanding.
 - for children unable to recall their shapes i made the sorting sheet with each shape on it so that the student could look at their cracker and see the shape on the sheet foe their sorting activity. -If a child is unable to do the bar graph I would have them make a tower with each type of crackers and compare them that way.
Checking For Understanding:
 After the students did their bar graph they would then return to the carpet with their bar graph sheet.The students will then place another colored gummed sticker over the shape that was the most common shape.Teacher will ask question for understanding. -What does the prediction chart show? -What does the actual chart show? -How can we make the shape disappear?
 We can make the shapes disappear by eating them. teacher ask the following questions: -What shape did we predict was the most common? Lets eat two of these. -What shape was the most common from the actual chart? lets eat three of these. -Looking at your bar graphs did we have any with the same amount? Lets eat one of each -Which cracker had teo more than the square cracker? lets eat two of these Questions continue until all the crackers are gone.
 Teacher takes up graphs and discusses with each student to check undestanding.
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