Lesson Plan : Data and Graphing

Teacher Name:
 D. Simmonds
 Grade 2

 Take a survey, Read a Pictograph, Make and Read Bar Graph
 Use tally marks in a survey;use and compare data:Use data in a pictograph;Make and read a bar graph;compare data on a bar graph. VOCABULARY: bar graph,pictograph, symbols, survey, tally marks, data
 1.Take a survey with a friend. 2.Read the symbols on a pictograph and answer questions about the pictograph. 3. Make and read a bar graph compare the data on a bar graph to a tally chart.
 1. Read survey chart,write tally marks on a chart to represent an answer, answer questions using tally marks on the chart. 2. Read the symbols on a pictograph, answer questions from data on the pictograph. 3. Read the bars on the bar graph, answer questions using the bars on a bar graph.
 chart paper, markers,text book pages.
 1. Teacher will present title of lesson and present a question for students to answer-What sport do your classmates like best? Teacher will explain tally marks and ways to read tally marks. Students will record their responses by writing tally marks. 2. Students will explain a pictograph and the key.They will read the title on a pictograph and discuss the symbols. 3. Students will explain a bar graph and data it represents.
 1.Students will share their response with the class and teacher will demonstrate using tally marks. 2.Students will do whole group activity by explaining pictures on a pictograph. 3.Students will color information on a bar graph as a whole group to show the number of students who like each snack at school.
 Students will do activity in text and answer questions.
 Students will listen to audio tutor, small group activity, computer assignments on acuity.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will answer questions about charts in practice book.
 Students will play vocabulary game.
Teacher Reflections:

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