Lesson Plan : Multi-Direction Trigonometry

Teacher Name:
 Miss Wenn
 Grade 7-8

 Multi-Direction Trigonometry purposes
 To learn most things about multi-direction trigonometry. To be able to say the Times tables in trigonometry. To be able to explain what trigonometry has to do with multi direction purposes and operations
 We are learning to find the trigonometry in multi direction purposes. We are learning to Use trigonometry inn every day life. We are learning to find the purposes of trigonometry in minagrams. We are learning to explain what trigonometry has to do with multy direction purposes and operations.
 Interactive white board, Normal white board, Little whit boards, White boardpens, Sheets (D3, R10, K7, Star number charts. Point number charts (G8, E1), Counters, Magnetic chart numbers.
 Explain to them what its about. Give them each a trigonometry number chart and counters. Counters 0-9.give them each a point chart to put on the wall. Every time they come up with a correct trigonometry number they get 1 point. If Really impressed with a child, give 2 points.
 To hope that they will develop a cleaver understanding of the word trigonometry and to be able to complete questions with our poses and multi-direction.
 Practice saying the multiples of,4 and 3 in multi- direction trigonometry.
 If a couple don't understand, go back to them when every one else is working.
Checking For Understanding:
 After wards, take the test paper out and get them to place a score on how easy it was. If you do not quite agree go back to them after class.
 Kids come up to board and show you what they know. You could ask them questions: Can you write down a list of things in life where you use trigonometry. When does Trigonometry be included in mult direction?. Or ask them to right an example of trigonometry
 1. I can't do it. 2. Need more practice. 3. Can you explain it a bit clearer? 4. I'm OK with this- Just 5. I can almost do this 6. With a little more practice i can do this. 7. I'm almost there. 8. I'm fine with this. 9. I can definitely do this 10. I'm brilliant at this!
Teacher Reflections:
 To set homework on the topic, with/without help is you choice. Do not let them use calculators to work the homework out and don't let them use internet homework resources.

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