Lesson Plan : Parallel & Intersecting Line Segments, Rays, and Lines

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Gibson
 Grade 3

 Plane Geometry and basic Algebra Skills: Parallel & Intersecting Line Segments, Rays, and lines
 Key Activities: Children model parallel and intersecting pairs of line segments, as well as polygons. They also hurt for real-world examples of parallel and intersecting figures. Key Vocabulary: -parallel -intersect
 * Identify line segments, lines, and rays. * Identify parallel and intersecting lines, line segments, and rays. * Model and draw parallel and intersecting pairs of lines, line segments, and rays. * Model geometric figures.
 To guide children as they model and draw polygons parallel and intersecting line segments, rays, and lines.
 Vocabulary Chart ***Students can add key terms from this lesson*** -Straightedge -Blank paper
 1. Begin with a MAD-MINUTE! 2. Have a quick review from yesterdays lesson. ***See if children can represent 3 rays with the straws & twist ties*** 3. Tell the students briefly what we will be going over and what they should expect.
 1. Discussing Parallel and Intersecting Line Segments, Rays, and Lines. -Have the students use their straightedge to draw a line at the top and bottom of their blank paper. *After the students have done so, explain to them that they had just drawn parallel lines... -Have some of the students come up to the board and write what they know about line segments and parallel lines. (what are examples of parallel lines inside and outside of the classroom?) -Explain to the class about intersecting lines. ***Write on the board the word and definition.*** *****ACTIVITY*****
 1. Rope Activity! -Have several different lengths of light rope, elastic rope, etc. A. have 3 pairs of students act as points. -Each pair of students will represent a line segment by stretching a rope between them. -Position some of the children so that the lines are both parallel and intersecting. -Ask the students questions and get the students to try a few different things and explore. 2. Geometry Hunt! (Pg. 130) -have the students look around the classroom and in the hallways to try to find parallel lines and intersecting lines. -have the students record them in the appropriate area of their worksheet.
 Vocabulary chart ***Add key terms to keep th chart growing!
Checking For Understanding:
 Math journal (pg. 130) -if children are able to find examples of both parallel and intersecting lines, along with being able to draw at least on example then they are on track.
 Review what we went over and go over all of the vocabulary terms.
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