Lesson Plan : Multiplication Discovery

Teacher Name:
 Leigh Belford
 Grade 3

 Students will use tiles to create arrays.
 Drawing arrays and using manipulatives as a strategy to discover multiplication facts.
 Students will discover multiplication facts using manipulatives and drawing models.
 TLW create arrays using manipulatives and drawings for a given product.
 area model squares (24 per student); 12 classroom chairs; dry erase or chalk board; math journal or paper to record learning
 Put 12 chairs in front of the room. Give students the scenario "I want to set up these 12 chairs to create a classroom auditorium. What are the possible ways we could set up the 12 chairs to be in neat rows."
 Students work as a team to create possible chair arrangements using 12 chairs. Arrangments are recorded on the board using dots to represent each chair.
 Students copy arrangments from the board. Teacher guides students to write multiplication facts that are represented by each model.
 Students could work with a smaller number of chairs (perhaps 16) though this lesson seems to differentiate iteself. More advanced students are able to create all combinations while other students only create a few in the alloted time BUT all are successful.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher checks for understanding by monitoring students while they are doing the activity. Teacher can also see student work by viewing their math journal at a later time.
 Students are able to 'donate' solutions to classmates in an effort to find all the combinations.
 Students are beginning to understand the concept of multiplication and will soon begin to memorize tables AFTER they have a clear understanding of the concept of multiplication.
Teacher Reflections:
 This lesson was successful and I will suggest it to my other 3rd grade colleagues.

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