Lesson Plan : Perimeter and Area of Squares

Teacher Name:
 Ben Middleton
 Grade 7-8

 Measuring perimeter and area of rectangles and squares.
 Perimeter, Area.
 Students will find the perimeter and the area of rectangles and squares using proper formulas.
 Find the perimeter of rectangles and squares. Find the area of rectangles and squares.
 Today we are going to be looking at how to measure the perimeter and area of a rectangle or a square. To help you to see why knowing how to measure perimeter and area is important we will be applying these concepts to things in every day life where they can be used.
 Discuss the formulas for perimeter and area. Address perimeter first and use examples followed by area for same examples. Also go over how to find missing length or width when area and one measurement is given. P=2(W+L), A=L(W) Examples: 1.rectangle W=7ft, L=15ft, P=44ft, A=105square ft 2.square W=15in, L=30in, P=90in, A=450square in 3. rectangle W=3m, L=4m, P=14m, A=12square m
 Work first three problems on worksheet with class.If they show they can do them then have them finish worksheet. If they struggle then do more practice with them. Have class use choral responses and well as call on individual students. steps: What is the length? What is the width? What formula do we use for perimeter, area. Put measurements into formula and solve equation. What is the unit of measurement? What is our answer? 1.Rectangle W=7m, L=16m, P=46m, A=112square meters 2.Square W=8m, L=8m, P=32m, A=64square meters 3.Rectangle W=21cm, L=4cm, P=50cm, A=84square cm
Checking For Understanding:
 Assess students level of understanding by correcting their worksheets. Look for correct answers and the use of proper formulas for perimeter and area.
 Students showed a good overall understanding of how to find perimeter and area of rectangles and squares. Some struggled with remembering to include the unit of measurement and also to square the answer for area.
Teacher Reflections:
 Making examples applicable to students helped to keep them interested initially. Could have maybe kept them even more attentive by including activity where students could measure objects in room and then find the area and perimeter.

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