Lesson Plan : Addition Facts Numbers 2 through 5

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Cardone
 Grade 2

 Identification of addition facts for the sums five through 8.
 Key Vocabulary: sums, turnaround facts, addition Students must understand the concept of addition as the joining of two groups.
 Students will be able to successfully show and write all the ways to make 5 through 9. Students will be able to answer questions and explain the process of finding sums.
 Given a set of ten snap cubes, students will be able to work cooperatively to model and write addition facts for the sums of five through 9.
 snap cubes
 Read the following math riddle: 3 ants arrive early to a part. An hour later, two more ants arrive. How many ants arrived at the party?
 1. Model the riddle using snap cubes. 2. Elicit: Can anyone come up with another way in which I can use the snap cubes to make 5? 3. Model and present the appropriate number sentence. 4. Model and complete the process for all of addition facts for 5.
 1. Working cooperatively, students will use 2 colors of snap cubes to make 6 and 7. wb. pgs 47 & 48. 2. Guide students through the process for sums of 6. 3. Student pairs may complete addition facts for sums of seven independently.
 Work with students in small groups as needed. Model frequently and post directions on chart paper.
Checking For Understanding:
 Elicit: How many ways are their to make 6? Why are there more ways to make greater sums?
 Look at the three charts. How are they alike and different?
 Math Journal: Students will explain how they found addition facts for sums of 8 in writing. Assess students ability to work independently to correctly find sums for 8 and 9.
Teacher Reflections:

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