Lesson Plan : Count and Round Money

Teacher Name:
 Donna Barnard
 Grade 4

 Money and the use of currency for kids.
 Counting and Making Correct Change Rounding Whole Numbers and Money
 Count Money Make Change Play a game to foster mastery of concept
 Objectives: 1. Learn to Count money and make change. 2. Round whole numbers and money to make even and manageable amounts.
 Play Money Game Board Game Markers Spinners Math Fact Workbook Page
 Put play money in a bag. Have a student draw out money. Ask a volunteer to count out the money. Make change counting up from $12.87 to $20.00. Lay the change down on your desk as you count.
 Model how to round by looking at the board and choral repeating a poem of how to round. Students will practice a few problems of rounding different amounts of money. Students will round to the nearest dollar.
 Divide the students into groups of four. Distribute the game boards, markers, spinners and play money. The object of this game is to spend as much money as you can. Players spin and move their game pieces and follow directions according to the game board squares. Players pay the banker and make sure to get correct change by counting up. The student with the least amount of money left over is the winner,
 Red: The students will point to the ride that costs $0.90, the food that costs $1.25, and other costs from the Learning Resource 3 Game Board. Green: The students will count up as they make change. The students will write the sum of three food items and the change they receive from $5.00. Blue: Explain how you round money. The students will write four examples of rounding money to the nearest dollar.
Checking For Understanding:
 Revisit the beginning activity of drawing amounts of money from the bag. The students will identify varying bills and coins. They will also make change counting up to a specified amount.
 The students will fill out exit cards on the lesson completed today.
 The students will be measured of their accuracy for each activity. Their math fact workbook page will be evaluated as an evaluation to determine if the students are performing these standards and objectives with a 80-90% accuracy rate.
Teacher Reflections:

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