Lesson Plan : Naming Spaces with Decimal Places!

Teacher Name:
 Nicole Hanna
 Grade 4

 Decimal Places
 Place Value Terms: Ones,Tens,Hundreds,Thousands,Ten Thousands, Hundred Thousands,Millions, Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths, Ten Thousandths, Hundred Thousandths.
 By the end of this activity students should know: -the names of the place value. -where each of the place values are located. -how to say the number after reading it. -writing the number out when given the actual number. -recognizing the indicated place value.
 Partner, Pencil, and "Naming Spaces with Decimal Places" worksheet.
 Read the book, "A Place For Zero: A Math Adventure" to the class then after the book talk to the students about numbers. Some of this would include: -Where do we see numbers? (i.e. clocks, watches, newspapers) -How small or big are the numbers? (i.e. one, two hundred, five) -Where might we see decimals? (the grocery stores, sales papers) Then talk about the meaning of each of the terms and what is the importance of them.
 Show them how to place the decimal in the correct place. Also, how to convert the number to words.
 1.)Have them draw out place value charts ranging from millions to hundred thousandths. 2.)Have them write in the number 1,243,602.37896 and talk about each number and their place value.
 If students seem to be struggling with this, then I will stop the class and go over the frequent asked questions.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have each partner group come up and write their assigned example on the board. Have them explain why they did what they did. This will be helpful for the participating group, the other students, and myself.
 Review with them the importance of knowing the correct place values, and why we need them in life.
Teacher Reflections:

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