Lesson Plan : Vascular System of Plants Lab

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Shinefeld
 Grade 9-10

 This lesson is a laboratory investigation of the vascular system in a stalk of celery. Students will be able to see how the vascular system of a plant distributes water and nutrients throughout the plant with their own eyes.
 SUBJECT: Biology of Plants - Vascular System VOCABULARY: Vascular System Veins Tubes Roots Shoot
 The goal is to observe how a vascular system distributes water and nutrients throughout a plant.
 SWBAT predict, observe, and then explain how a vascular system distributes water and nutrients throughout the entire plant.
 200 mL beakers food coloring (red and blue) celery stalks Water Knives (for cutting celery) Markers, colored pencils, crayons Lab Reports
 Students will independently write down answers to the following questions. Afterwards whole class will discuss responses. Teacher will then move discussion toward plants moving nutrients and water through a vascular system. 1. How does blood move through your body? 2. What does blood do? Why do we need blood throughout our body? 3. What do plants move throughout their "bodies?"
 Teacher will walk students through graphic organizer on the parts of a plant's vascular system.
 Students will move into groups and teacher will explain how the procedure to the lab will work. Afterwards, students will fill out predictions section of the lab report (either draw and color prediction, or write out predictions) in groups based on what they learned through discussion and graphic organizer.
 - Group work (groups will depend on students in class) - Visual learning - Kinesthetic/hands on learning - Assessment either visual or written - Auditory learning (discussion in beginning and explanation of all material and each step of lesson) - Teacher demonstration or assistance at request of group
Checking For Understanding:
 DO NOW Graphic Organizer Prediction and Results in Lab Reports Conclusion Questions Opening and Closing Discussions Evaluation of Group Work/Participation
 Students will each explain possible results to hypothetical alteration to this experiment (the bottom had been crushed, cuts had been made across the stalk, the whole thing had been placed in one color, etc.) Again, explanations may take whatever form students are comfortable with (drawn or written). Each group will briefly share their responses.
 Were students engaged throughout lesson? If not, when? Did DO NOW responses make sense and was the discussion productive? Was the graphic organizer filled out accurately and completely? Did predictions make sense and follow from the graphic organizer? Did groups work well together? Were experiments completed? Were results accurate? What concepts need remediation?
Teacher Reflections:

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