Lesson Plan : Animal Math Crackers

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 Grade 1

 For all students to be able to accomplish three line addition
 Students will be able to visualize addition. Students will become more familiar with the addition facts family. Students will be able to improve addition skills and move toward three line addition.
 Animal Crackers, two worksheets, pencils. Animal stickers
 Students will be able to work individualy, in a small group, and with the class in different ways. By the end of the lesson they should be able to accomplish three line addition
 We will begin with a work sheet called Animal Addition. � The first problem we will do as a whole class o One, two frogs plus one frog is equal to how many frogs? 3 � Next we will have the children finish the first worksheet � When everyone is done, we will share with the class the answers by choosing the number of students in the problem o We will have volunteers come up and act like a parrot. o Such as 3+1=4 o We will put three students in one cluster and the last student on their own o We will ask the class to count aloud with us o We have 3 parrots plus the one parrot. When we put all the parrots together we get four parrots. o We will repeat for the last two problems
 � Then we will separate into four groups and supply each group with ____ amount of animal crackers, all of the same animal � Each student will be given another worksheet that they can lay down their animal crackers on � Each group will then be assigned a problem. � Together the group has to come up with an answer � The teacher/assistants will go around trying to help but not give away the answer � Each group will have one person share their problem with the class and their answer (I think we can get an overhead with the blank sheet so they can show the animal crackers on it)
 � Then we will move on to a three line problem � First by giving a visual example like we did in the beginning � For 2 + 3+ 2 = 7, we will put a cluster of two people acting as monkeys, a cluster of three people acting like monkeys, and another cluster of 3 monkeys, and then having the class repeat and follow along. Two monkeys plus three monkeys plus two monkeys equals a total of seven monkeys � We will separate back into groups and repeat the group problems. Giving each group a different problem.
Checking For Understanding:
 � One last worksheet with a mix of three and two lined problems will be given in order to assure understanding
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