Lesson Plan : Adding and Subtracting Decimals

Teacher Name:
 Sue Swoyer
 Grade 6

 Connected Mathematics: BITS AND PIECES III UNIT: Decimals and Percents
 1) Adding and Subtracting Decimals 2) Decimal Place Value 3) Number Sentences (Decimal Notation) 4) Align Decimals (Line Up Decimal Points!) 5) Reading and Writing Decimal Sums and Differences
 1) Consider the size of a decimal prior to developing approaches to finding exact decimal sums or differences 2) Develop place-value understanding of decimal addition and subtraction 3) Develop strategies for adding and subtracting decimal numbers 4) Solve problems that require decimal addition and subtraction
 1) Review Decimal Place-Value Chart 2) Use Prior-Knowledge of Decimal Place Value to add and subtract decimals. 3) Write number sentences (decimal notation) to find decimal sums and/or differences / Stress importance of alignment!
 1) Decimal Place-Value Chart 2) Connected Mathematics Text in 3-ring binder w/looseleaf 3) Pencils/Writing Supplies for class 4) Overhead Projector: Transparencies
 1) Recall what a decimal is. 2) Review decimal place value. 3) Look at student place value charts. 4) Say and Read Decimals Aloud.
 1) Help students draw upon what they know about place value and money to develop strategies for adding and subtracting decimals. 2) Stress the importance of using the correct place value name when discussing decimals. 3) Write number sentences for situations involving decimals (Model for students) 4) Align decimals - point under point / place value under place value 5) Find sums or differences together as a class
 1) Assign students several partner problems 2) Have students write number sentences 3) Share sentences together for accuracy 4) Students with their partners, will align the decimal points in problems together and solve. 5) Check for accuracy.
 1) Limit assigned problems for those that seem to be struggling 2) Provide Place Value chart on students' desks for those that need it 3) Provide Graphic Organizers with steps to the problems laid out
Checking For Understanding:
 1) Ask questions 2) Review students work at board and/or collect class work!
 Have students recall why place-value is important when adding and subtracting decimals!
 1)Assess students' knowledge of lesson 2) Assign Homework
Teacher Reflections:
 Are there any adaptations that would need to be made that haven't been? What was successful/What was challenging?

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