Lesson Plan : Surface Area of Geometric Shapes

Teacher Name:
 Carlos Alfredo Lopez
 Grade 9-10

 Mathematics: Geometry, Area using known variables.
 students compute the volume and surface areas of prism, pyramids, cylinders, cones, and spheres; students commit to memory the formulas for prisms, pyramids and cylinders.
 In this unit, students will apply their knowledge of area of common geometric figures to determine the surface area of a common space figure.
 Students can calculate the area of common geometric figures (square, rectangle, triangle, regular polygon, and circle)
 rectangular prism. container wrapping paper. pencil worksheets. OverHead (power point presentation)
 Presentation of a rectangular prism
 the teacher presents a rectangular prism to the class. The teacher remarks that prisms are used as containers that often need to be wrapped or painted for commercial purposes. Students brain storms ways to estimate the amount of material that will needed to wrap the prism
 The teacher will select ideas offered by the students to guide the discussion towards finding an exact solution.
 Where: activity will take place in the classroom, where students will collaborate in small groups to investigate and calculate the Surface Area. When: this unit is to be presented after students have mastered linear measurement.
Checking For Understanding:
 55 min. discussion to share questions and answer. Ask direct simple questions to students to assess understanding.
 bring wrapped prism to the front and compare quality and measurements provided by the different groups
 Pop quiz for finding Surface Area of geometrical figures
Teacher Reflections:
 I would like to include a word problem based on this unit of study. Maybe just a critical thinking problem.

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