Lesson Plan : Aids in Africa - The global impact

Teacher Name:
 Bittney Slone
 Grade 9-10

 To do research on numbers and percentages against the impact on the united states
 Geography,Mathematics,Biology,and Computer Science
 To teach the students about life,health,and death due to the effects of HIV/AIDS here in the United States and in another country
 Locate Africa on a world map develop computer skills using the internet,develop math skills by figuring ratios and percentages,applying math skills to social prob;ems,make quantifiable distintions about the impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa and the U.S. they will list several social and scientific reasons for the disparity
 Computers with internet access,2 blank expeditions outline of maps of the world and Africa(one copy for each student)calculator,pencils and paper
 Explain to the students that the impact of HIV/AIDS on African population is significant.stastics will review how much of the african populations is affected by the disease
 Each student will receive a blank xpeditions outline map of the world including Africa.Explain in consistent data the lesson for a comprehensive section on AIDS in Africa
 How to use maps and other geographic representations,tools and technologies to acquire,process,and report information from spatial perspective. how to analyze the organization of people,places and environments on earths surface.The physical and human characteristics of places distribution and complexity of earths cultural mosaics.and how to apply geography to interpret the present and plan for the future.
 Students will work in groups and small pairs
Checking For Understanding:
 Have the students to research whats being done about AIDS in AFRICA using graphs,calculate how many people worldwide suffer from the disease.
 The students will have class discussion on their reaction to these numbers. Which most surprised them and which most angered them?
 The students progress will evaluated on how accurate their information and time lines are.
Teacher Reflections:

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