Lesson Plan : Why Use a Ruler?

Teacher Name:
 Kelsey Goddard
 Grade 2

 The necessity of having a standard unit of measurement. Measuring in inches.
 1. Students will understand why we use a ruler to measure instead of our feet, hands, books, etc. 2. Students will understand the necessity of having a standard unit of measurement.
 1. Students will demonstrate their ability to use a ruler and common objects to measure their desks. 2. Students will explain why measurement using objects, rather than a ruler is not effective.
 Crayons/colored pencils (that have been used and vary in size) Straws which have been cut to different lengths. A variety of books. Paperclips (or item which is not varied in size). Meter or Yard sticks.
 1. Read "How Big is a Foot?" by Rolf Myller 2. Explain how people used to measure before the ruler was invented and allude to the fact that these methods were not the most effective ways to measure length.
 1. Students will work in small groups predetermined by the teacher. 2. Ask students to use crayons/colored pencils to measure the width of their desk by laying the crayons end to end and counting the number used to reach from one end of the desk to the other. Ask each group to share their measurements with the rest of the class. Did they all have the same number? Should they all have the same number? 3. Repeat this process with straws, books, and paperclips. 4. Ask the students which method of measuring was the best so far? 5. Ask the students to measure the width of their desk using a yardstick or meter stick. Did they all have the same measurements?
 Let students practice using a ruler by using the "Virtual Ruler," and an online measurement game.
 The teacher can demonstrate measurement to students who may have a difficult time understanding the concepts by measuring objects on the overhead projector with a clear ruler so students understand how to correctly read a ruler.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will evaluate a student's understanding based on their involvement in the classroom activities and their homework assignment.
 Students will have the opportunity to practice measuring some more when they break into centers.
 After the unit on measuring with a ruler is complete, students will be given a test which will encompass these skills.
Teacher Reflections:

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