Lesson Plan : Multiplication in the Classroom

Teacher Name:
 Brandolyn Peterson
 Grade 3

 Review of basic multiplication fact 0-12
 Review multiplication facts 0-12.
 Children will be able to relate skip counting to multiply. Children will also recognize multiplication as groups of object (3X2 is really two goups of threee).
 Develop an understanding of commutative and identity properties of multiplication using objects (A.S. 2.3.1) Use conventional mathematical symbols to write equations for contextual problems involving multiplication (A.S 2.3.3) Develop, with nd without technology, fluency with basic number combinations for multiplication and division facts (10 X 10) (A.S 3.3.2)Relate skip-counting patterns to multiplication (A.S. 4.3.2)
 One for each child in the classroom of the following iteams: egg carton, dry erase marker, eraser. Several small objects, beads, or buttons. Overhead projector. Blank time tables worksheets.
 I will first explain to the children what multiplication really is.
 Start by telling the children what multiplication is and that they have been doing it by skip-counting and have not realized it. Explain to the children that 3 X 2= is really just two groups of three. Draw a picture on the white board for them to see that two groups of three is six.
 Egg carton math (Source: Wendy P of Math Cats. http://www.mathcats.com/grownupcats/ideabankmultiplication.html) Each child will use their own egg carton and have access to the container holding the beads, buttons or some other small manipulative. The teacher will say a problem, such as 3 x 4, and write it on the board. Using the egg carton, then, they would only use 3 compartments, and they would put 4 items in each of those 3 compartments, counting as they go. The teacher will call on different students to answer and if a student needs help the calss will help them. Next children will be given a blank times table worksheet and I will have one on the overhead projector. We will use our manipulatives to fill in the table. The children will then be given a dry erase marker and eraser and asked to go to the white board and I will use the overhead projector to write down simple multiplication problems for the children to work out on the board.
 If a child is struggling with the board work they will be allowed to use their manipulatives. If a child is completly understand the multiplication table they will be allowed to try to continue past 12.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will be able to see who has a clear understand of multiplication be calling on different students during the egg carton game and listening to the answers. Also by seeing who is answering during the times table worksheet. And by looking at the answers on the board.
 We will clean up our mess and review that multiplication is just skip-counting or grouping.
 If children seem to be able to answer question with accuracy during the egg carton game and the times worksheet then they will be able to maove to the board work. If not then you may need to spend more time on the egg carton game, this is a great way for children to see that multiplication is just skip-counting or grouping. If children have trouble at the board with out their manipulatives show them that they can draw their own manipulatives on the board to help them better solve the problems.
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