Lesson Plan : Earnings, Spending, and Saving Money

Teacher Name:
 Elizabeth Saldana
 Grade 3

 Earnings, Spending, and Saving
 Big Question - What is money? Key Concepts - Money, Earnings, Spending, Saving, Decision Making Subject Matter - Math with integration of Language Arts Think - Pair - Share (Ch. 11 Kagan) Key Vocabulary - Money - something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment Earnings - something (as wages) earned Spending - a measure of value, or a means of payment, Saving - putting money aside until we have enough to buy what we want, Decision Making - means making a choice among what to do or what to use.
 Third Grade Math 3.1(C)determine the value of a series of coins.
 The learner will: count money with different coins up to totals of one dollar. work out subtraction problems with manipulatives as they follow along with the story. complete a booklet of their personal spending and savings information. define key vocabulary
 Alexander I use to be Rich Last Sunday book Alexander Used to be Rich last Sunday fun pack Handmade booklet copies Colored paper White paper Markers Coin Manipulatives Tokens http://www.lessonplanspage.com/MathLAAlexanderUsedToBeRichMoneyBookAndActivity23.htm http://www.unce.unr.edu/Western/SubWebs/MoneyOnTheBookshelf/ParentGuidesEnglish/Alexander.pdf
 Pose questions for prior knowledge �Do we spend money on the same things?� �How much money should we save?� After discussion, tell the students that we are going to read a story to learn about one boy's journey with money. Begin to Read Alexander I use to be Rich Last Sunday
 After reading the story, discuss with the students how Alexander learned that to save money is hard. Explain to the students that sometimes we buy things we think we need instead of saving for something we really need or want. Explain that every person has different ideas about how to use money. Begin modeling Alexander's decision making by having the students make a list of how Alexander's money was spent. The teacher will scribe the answers on the OH.
 Give each student one dollar worth of coin manipulatives and tokens. Refer back to the story where Alexander begins to lose his money and have the students follow along with their money and tokens to work out the rising math problems. As Alexander loses money, have the students take away each amount with him. Students should be left with just bus tokens upon completing all of Alexander's spending choices.
 If students have trouble during the guided practice, have them work in pairs to work the problems together. ESOL Considerations: The examples that the teacher uses will be pictures and manipulatives. Send home Alexander Used to be Rich last Sunday fun pack with students to continue learning about money.
Checking For Understanding:
 Observe and listen during guided practice to see if the students were successful at calculating how Alexander spent his dollar during the guided practice. Observe and listen while students are working in teams to come up with answers to the question that was posed about Alexander.
 Have students work on computers for additional practice with earnings, savings, and spending on the website: http://senseanddollars.thinkport.org
 Have students make their own booklet about ways they earn money and how they spend it.
Teacher Reflections:
 The teacher will check the money booklets upon completion. The teacher will decide whether more examples or another lesson on earnings, spending, and saving should be provided

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