Lesson Plan : Multiplication with 2s and 3s

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Adair
 Grade 2

 Multiplication with 2s and 3s
 Cooperative Structure: Mastery Structures - Pairs Check Rationale: Students are varied in skill levels and have shown efficient levels of mastery when working groups in teams of two or more with alternating roles. Multiplication, factors, product
 TEKS 2.4 Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning. The student models multiplication and division. A) The student is expected to model, create, and describe multiplication situations in which equivalent sets of concrete objects are joined.
 Students will be able to model multiplication. Students will be able to identify situations in which multiplication can be used to join sets.
 Patterning All in a Row worksheet (adapted from Math in My World, McGraw Hill), single unit cubes, pencil, white board, dry-erase markers.
 Students have been introduced to multiplication with a game called Circles and Stars. Ask students to share some of the multiplication problems they came up with from the Circles and Stars game. After going through a few examples with them, tell students they will be working on multiplication by making groups with cubes.
 Draw 5 circles on the white board and the first block of the Patterning worksheet. Tell students the first block of numbers will be multiplied 1. Place one magnet in one circle on the white board and remind students that it is one group of one. Fill in the first sentence to show 1x1=1. Repeat modeling with 2x1 and 3x1.
 Place students into groups of four and pair into twos. One student in each pair will work while the other monitors and provides help as needed. The monitor will check the workers answers and compare with the other worker and monitor for agreement. If the answer is not agreed upon, all four will raise their hand so the teacher knows there is a question. If there is agreement, the monitor of each team will praise the worker and they will switch roles. (Cooperative Learning by Spencer Kagan) Have students work with partners sitting next to them to complete 4x1 and 5x1.
 Peer assistance and manipulatives will be used to help students. Teams finishing early will be challenged with making their own multiplication sentences and pictures that relate.
Checking For Understanding:
 As teams finish, they will check in with the teacher. Answers will be reviewed and immediate feedback provided.
 1. Brief review of material taught � �Today we worked as teams on multiplication. Who can tell me what 3x4 is? Whisper the answer to a partner and on the count of 3 everyone whisper it to me." 2. Feedback on how well students did - �I like how each of you worked together and with your teams to work out your multiplication. I heard some good praises.� 3. Transition to next activity: �Who can tell me what we have been doing with rain forests this week? (Call on student for response - thank and praise) We will have one Yankee Doodle to put away our worksheets. We will then get our rain forest games and meet on the work spot.�
 Students were given multiplication sentences for two days and word problems on the third. The students were expected to draw pictures to represent them. Students were then given worksheets to answer multiplication sentences for 1 through 3 independently.
Teacher Reflections:
 The students were as excited about the team work as they were with Circles and Stars. They were focused and seemed to respond well to feedback from their peers. Having circles at the top of the worksheet was a big help to all of the students. There were several students that were already familiar with multiplication so there was some challenge in grouping the students so that everyone was able to benefit from the lesson. Make sure there are plenty of extensions.

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