Lesson Plan : Organization Skills and Techniques To Use

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Graf
 Grade 7-8
 Special Education

 Organizational techniques
 Special Education IEP goals
  Students will create a binder for my class
 Objective: SWBAT organize their school work using a binder and page dividers.
 - 8 empty binders - loose leaf paper - 35 page dividers - markers - decorative computer paper - completed binder for an example - 8 copies of the rubric - 5 pieces of chart paper
 Teacher will explain the importance of learning and maintaining organizational skills. �What if my papers were crammed into my desk, or the papers that I grade of yours were strewn throughout the room?� Teacher takes paper and throws it across the room. Teacher asks students, what is wrong with that picture? Students should respond with; -you will lose your things -it will look messy -I would waste time looking for things
 Teacher explains why it is so important to have quality organizational skills. A pre-made class binder that would have received an 100% is introduced to the class and described. Also, on the board there are five pieces of chart paper that are designed to replicate the dividers. Each piece of chart paper has the title of the section on it, written in large letters (each section color coded differently and posted in order.) Teacher goes through the portions of the rubric and the expectations of how the organizer should be utilized. Teacher also tells students that the binder will be collected and graded on a bi-monthly basis.
 The teacher gets another binder that is empty and gathers all the materials needed to make a class binder. Volunteers will be asked to raise their hand and tell what the first step is in building a perfect binder. The next steps are then continued until the entire class has contributed in making a binder.
 - Preferential Seating - simplified instruction - individualized instruction - reading given on instructional level � Giving students color coded visuals allows for more independent work without frustration occurring. � The student with C.P. will have his dividers written out for him and will be assisted with opening and closing the three rings. He will also be assisted in putting paper and information on those rings.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will walk around the room checking for understanding. Throughout the lesson the Thumbs Up, Thumbs down tactic will be used to make sure students are understanding.
 Teacher asks students what they learned today. She also asks why they think it is important. Teacher reminds students how chaotic things would be without organization. Homework is distributed and consists of decorating their front binder sheets to make it special to them!
 Students will have binders collected bi-weekly and graded.
Teacher Reflections:
 Teacher will assess whether a mini-lesson should be done to improve student understanding.

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