Lesson Plan : Coordinate Geometry

Teacher Name:
 Maria Walter
 Grade 5

 Coordinate Geometry
 AGLI Code 33301 per NYS Alternate Assessment framework Identify and/or plot points in the first quadrant of a coordinate plane.
 Student will be able to locate a position on a coordinate plane when given the coordinates (pointing, using pencil or manipulative).
 When given a point in the first quadrant on a coordinate plane (5,3) for example), the student will be able to locate it with his finger, using a pencil to plot the point, or by placing a mini m&m on the given point under guided instruction.
 Graph paper, pencil, mini m&m candy to be used as a manipulative.
 Begin with a quick refresher to activate student\'s prior knowledge. Key points: * travel ACROSS the x axis, then UP the y axis * place your point at the intersecting lines (not in blank space)
 Model a simple problem on the dry erase board using a drawn first quadrant. Teacher will show student a few examples before beginning a guided graph paper activity. Show examples (1,8) (4,4) (5,2) (3,6) Gauge student's comprehension; try more examples if necessary or simply move on to student practice.
 Allow student to plot several coordinates on his/her own. Monitor points and correct/assist as necessary. Try examples (2,5) (1,3) (4,7) (8,1)
 Repeat coordinate location if necessary (auditory); point to written location (visual)
Checking For Understanding:
 After each coordinate placement, tell student if placement is correct or incorrect and provide feedback.
 Collect student worksheet. Discuss some of the key ideas of this lesson (over, then up; point placement, etc). Discuss some of the careers that coordinate geometry applies to (construction, design, etc).
Teacher Reflections:
 Is this lesson too challenging, not challenging enough or ideally challenging? Are my directions clear and concise? Are my steps sequential and easy to follow? Will this skill lesson be easy to recall in 1 day? 1 week? 1 month?')

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