Lesson Plan : Understanding Geometric Shapes

Teacher Name:
 Grade 3

 Geometric Shapes
 Obtuse and acute angles, parallel and perpendicular lines, rays, equilateral, scalene and isosceles triangles, right angles,2-dimensional shapes, 3-dimensional shapes
 Uses appropriate geometric vocabulary to describe properties and attributes of 2 and 3 dimensional figures. Draws and classifies 2-dimensional figures having up to six or more sides. Uses appropriate geometric vocabulary to describe properties of 2-dimensional figures.
 Where can I find geometric shapes in my surroundings? Why do different shapes have different names? Can shapes have patterns? Why might a carpenter need to know about geometry? How does geometry affect me?
 Harcourt Math Book Chapter 23, Math work book for Chapter 23, FCAT book for chapter 23, Georgia Lesson plans on Geometry Papers for Geometric Book Play for Angles Story White boards and markers tub of 3-dimensional shapes
 Students were introduced to angles and lines using their white board to draw simple lines, end seqments, points and rays. On the second day they were introduced to parallel lines, intersecting lines and angles. Third day they worked on angles. Fourth day they looked at other shapes both 3-d and 2-d
 This lesson will be a review of previously taught information. The visuals will be used to explain the difference between 2 and 3 dimensional objects. The white boards will be used to draw different types of shapes.
 Students will work in pairs to fill our the study guide.
 I have paired up students who scored high/low together to work on the study packet. Students will also be able to use their books and I will be walking around to offer assistance.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be checked for understanding before, during and after the activity. Especially to make sure they all have the correct answers on the study guide.
 I will quickly go over the 3-manipulatives and angles on the board.
 Students will be re-evaluated on this material the day following in the form of a test. This test will mirror the study guide they were given.
Teacher Reflections:
 I am doing this lesson because I had given chapter 23 test and was not happy with the scores. I feel this will help the students work on some of the skills they had not mastered.

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