Lesson Plan : Using a Protractor

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Van Zetta
 Grade 5
 Special Education

 How can we estimate the measurement of angles?
 Everyday Math: Unit 3 Section 3.4. Introduction to Geometry. Reviewing types of angles: acute, obtuse, right, reflex, and straight. 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees.
  How do we use a straightedge ruler to draw angles? How do we know the measurements of angles? What is the geometry template used for?
 Students will review types of angles, become familure with the geometry template, and measure and draw angles.
 Construction paper, permanent markers, foldables, geometry template, and scissors.
 The students will have a quick do-now on the board when they walk in the classroom. 360/90. 360/2. 90*4. 180*2. The students will be using division and multiplication to be introduced to some basic measurements found on a half- circle protractor. (5 minutes tops)
 Students will then be asked to stand up next to their desk and push in their chairs. (This has been introduced in a prior lesson) I will tell them to follow directions related to the angle measurements we talked about earlier. I will then say, "Watch while I rotate 180 degrees to the right, and turn 360 degrees left, then a quarter turn to the right, and finally a half turn to the left." (Between each turn I will stop and have the students demonstrate with me.) I will then go into a lesson about angles and their measurements. I will talk about the 180-360 degrees. I will tell them how each of the angles fall within this measurement. I will explain that angles can be measured by estimation. Then I will have the students stand back up and I will choose a "turn" randomly and have them perform it. I will probobly have them do this 3-4 times for each "turn" until I feel they are comfortable. (5-8 minutes)
 We will breifly review angles and their measurements. I will draw an acute, obtuse, right, straight and reflex angle on the board. I will call on the students randomly to give the definitions and measurements of each angle. After the definitions and measurements are on the board I will show my halfway finished model of my foldable. We are going to create a foldable with the 5 angles on it. There will be 5 cuts, 1 for each definition. I will demonstrate the creation of the foldable. I will tell them to cut the 5 flaps. I will then tell them to draw the angles, one on each flap. They will then be told how to tell what the angle is called and the estimated measurement of the angle by using the foldable. They will be told to repeat the diffrent measurements associated with the 5 angles after me. I will even ask them to use their arms to show various degrees of angles. (15 minutes)
 For students who benefit from tactile stimulation, I will provide a rotating angle tool to create the angles.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will ask the students to give me a thumbs up or thumbs down in between each degree turn. I will also take informal assessments as I walk around the room when they are doing independent practice.
 Once we have finished the foldables. I will ask the students to raise their hands and tell me 3 things that we talked about today. While they do this I will write these things on the board in a graphic organizer format. I will ask them about estimating angle measurements. I will also explain that the next lesson will use the tool, geometry template and we will be measuring angles precisely.
 I will assign page 70 from the Math Journal for homework.
Teacher Reflections:

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