Lesson Plan : Round to the Nearest Tenth

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 Grade 7-8

 Rounding decimals to the nearest tenth
 Math tenths and hundredths place values
 To correctly round their answers to word problems involving decimals on standardized and teacher-made tests. To master 80% of objectives taught in math.
 Students will be able to identify tenths and hundredths place values in decimal numbers. Students will be able to decide if rounding up or down is appropriate given a decimal number. Students will be able to round up and down to the nearest tenth given a decimal number.
 Place value chart posters (color coded)
 Today we're going to learn a skill that is important in doing many different types of word problems and operations in math. We're going to learn how to round to the nearest tenth when you get a decimal answer to a problem.
 Review the place values with a focus on the ones after the decimal. (use color-coded chart for this) Point out the two place values we will be working with: tenths and hundredths. Explain to students that we are rounding to the tenths place using the hundredths value as a guide. I bet you're wondering how the hundredths place tells us anything about rounding to the nearest tenth. It's just like rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand. You have to look at the place to the right to decide if the tenths place needs to stay the same or if you need to add one to it. If the hundredths place value is 5 or higher, you must round up by adding one to the tenths place and dropping the rest of the numbers after the decimal. If the hundredths place value is less than 5, you round down by keeping the tenths place value the same and dropping the rest of the numbers behind the decimal. Model examples here: 3.888 rounds to 3.9 2.6573 rounds to 2.7 1.542 rounds to 1.5
 Have students round examples on their white boards. 9.533 8.1623 1.2977
 Students with high frustration will get a page of rounding practice with fewer problems on it.
Checking For Understanding:
 Noting who did not get the guided practice problems correct. Walking around during independent practice to help those who struggle.
 Ask students to write what they learned in their learning log.
 Check independent assignments for mastery.
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