Lesson Plan : Multiplying 2-Digit Numbers

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 Grade 5

 Strategies for multiplying two-digit whole numbers by 2-digit whole numbers.
 Each fact must be broken apart into simpler/friendlier numbers and facts.
 OE- Solve problems involving the multiplication and division of multi-digit whole numbers SE- Multiply two-digit whole numbers by two-digit whole numbers using student-generated algorithms, and standard algorithms
  Students will be able to multiply large number (two-digit whole number by two-digint whole numbers) using the strategy of breaking numbers apart.
 Overhead projector, Math Wall, Page 59-60(handout) Math Makes Sense 5, multiplication chart, multiplication flashcards, timer
 Kings and Queen of Multiplication: This is a game where the King or Queen from the previous day challenges a student in the class. The teacher shows the two students the card and the first student to correctly answer the card continues to make his/her way around the room challenging other students. The student still standing when the time is up (5 mins) is deemed to be the King/Queen of multiplication for that day. Following this game I will ask students how they feel about answering the 21 X 13. Some students will be fearful, others will be confident because we have discussed strategies of solving simple multiplication problems. Today I'm going to show you a strategy that is going to help you but first, I would like to tell me what you might try to solve this? I would listen to their idea and if any of them suggest breaking it apart into simpler facts/parts I will go from there. If students do not offer this strategy, I will direct them to the poster on the Math Wall. Remember when we talked about breaking numbers into simpler facts. Well, we can do the same thing here.
 I would like your help to break 21X13 into smaller/simpler facts. Can someone help me? If students cannot suggest facts for me I will complete the firs example for them and ask them to help me continue from there. Once we have completed one example, I will ask N.R. to check the answer with his calculator. 3 options- \ Step 1-Break 13 into 10 and 3 Step 2- Multiply 21 x 10 = 210 Step 3- Multiply 21 x 3 = 63 Step 4- Add = 273 Option B Break 21 into 20 and 1 Step 1- Multiply 20 X 13 = 260 Step 2- Multiply 1 X 13 = 13 Step 3- Add 273 Option C- Break 21 into 20 and 1 Break 12 apart into 10 and 3 Step 1- Multiply 20 x 10= 200 Step 2- Multiply 20 x 3 = 60 Step 3- Multiply 1 x 3 = 3 Step 4- Miltily 1x 10= 10 Add the products = 273
 Students will now solve 15 x 25 using this strategy. Students will work with their group or partner. Each student must record the work in their notebooks and explain each step as we did in the example. The title for this task will be "Multiplying 2-Digit Numbers." Scrpt: In your notebooks, copy the title and write today's date. You will work with your group or the person sitting next to you to solve the equation. You must show each step as we did on the overhead. Each partner will solve and explain the work. You have 10 minutes to complete the task. If you finish before this, you can start tonight's homework which I will hand out to you. It is page 56-60 #1,2,3. Students will have 10 minutes to complete the question we will then take 5-10 minutes to compare our work.
 During the group work, N.R., B.W., C.M., J.S., M.K., will work at the front table where I will spend most of my time. Since they are working at a different Grade level, they will attempt at different equation 45x 8. For independent practice, they will complete page 164 from Quest 2000 # 1, 2, 3. The numbers are smaller however I still expect them to break the numbers apart to multiply them.
Checking For Understanding:
 The groups will present their findings and I will circulate and observe students as they work.
 Following the group sharing, if there is time left students will continue to work on the independent practice. If we are out of time, they will continue for homework and I will collect it on Monday.
  On Monday, the "Bellwork" will focus on this type of question. Students will have to epxlain solve a multiplication fact using other facts (breaking the numbers apart) There will also be questions related to this on the next test.
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