Lesson Plan : Find Product/Quotient of Integers

Teacher Name:
 Ms. C. Williams
 Grade 7-8

 Finding the product and quotient of integers
 The product or quotient of two integers: is positive when both integers are positive or both are negative. The product or quotient of two integers is negative when one integer is positive and the other is negative.
 Students will develop strategies for multiplying and dividing integers.
 The student will: 12.1 Represent integers on the number line. 12.2 Model situations with integers. 12.3 Compare integers using <, =, and > symbols. 12.4 Develop strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing integers. 12.5 Use integers to solve problems. 12.6 Find inverses for given integers.
 Overhead projector, computer w/projector
 The Party in Mathland. This little story is designed to help students remember the rules of multiplying and dividing integers. Students will use be given a study guide for their math notebooks to use as a reference.
 Students will view the rules of multiplication and division of positive and negative numbers using the website "Amby's.com"
 The teacher will use the website's practice section to practice as a class, completing the problems. Students will work with a partner to complete the practice problems. The teacher will circulate and monitor student's progress and answer any questions students may have.
 1. Students will work with a partner during class time.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will complete the following two problems to check for their understanding of multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers. If Roger is losing $12 each day, how much would he loose in 23 days? Formulate the problem (-12)*23) Process: Multiply the numbers and get the solution -276. Since it is a negative number multiplied by a negative number, the answer is negative. Solution: Roger would loose $276.00. Jeremy has a debt of $23,000. He pays $245 each month. How many months until his debt is paid off? Formulate the problem: -23,000/-245 Process: Divide the numbers and get the solution 93.88. Since the answer is a negative number divided by a negative number, the answer is positive. Solution: 94 months. If the students have difficulty, addition examples will be provided.
 Restate the objectives and review problems from the practice problems.
 Students will be given a quiz (10 problems) to access their understanding of the concepts being taught. Students will be administered a paper and pencil test.
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