Lesson Plan : What you put in you will get out!

Teacher Name:
 LeeAnn Robison
 Grade 7-8

 Unit 1 Generating input/output tables
 Applying writing and evaluating algebraic expressions in order to solve several real world word problems.
 SWBAT fill in the values on a table. SWBAT Identify quantities and units. SWBAT Write an algebraic expression. SWBAT Evaluate an algebraic expression.
 During each nine week period the student will work toward completeing certain sections in order to receive a grade that was pre-establisehed by a rubric that will help them to track their progress in the class. They will also create a journal/notebook in which they will keep their thoughts and work for each problem they try and complete.
 Computer lab, instructional sheets.
 Together the class and teacher will solve the first word problem of the unit. This will help them to understand what is expected for the several word problems that follow.
 It may be necessary to change or adapt the rubric grading system in order to help accomadate the students who are learning support or who have had and extended absence due to an illness. Furthermore, if the learning support student has completed enough problems to master the goal for the unit, the teacher can them move them ahead in the program, instead of allowing them to struggle.
Checking For Understanding:
 As the students work through the problems, they will be prompted by the program if they have inserted a worng or close answer. This will give the student the chance to see their mistakes and help them to approach the solution from a different angle.
 The unit will be finished when the student has completed it on their own or moved ahead by the teacher.
 The teacher will check student progress by way of the teacher portion of the program which will will allow her to see where the student stands, how much time it has taken them and how many mistakes they have made on each problem. The teacher will also use the weelkly journal to evaulate communication of each problem.
Teacher Reflections:

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