Lesson Plan : Prime Factorization

Teacher Name:
 D. Briggs\ N. joseph
 Grade 6

 Prime Factorization; Prime and Composite
 Vocabulary: Prime number, composite number, divisible; prime factorization
 TSW be able to write prime factorization using exponents and to describe exponents as a way of expressing repeated multiplication TEKS: 6.1d; 6.1E TAKS: Obj. 1 and 6
 100 chart; vocabulary; spiral tablet for notes; exponents handout
 Students will be given a 100 chart. Each student is to use a color pencil and use divisibility number sense to mark out numbers that are divisible by 2,3,4,5,6,9,10, or 12. From there we will identify the numbers that remain and teacher will introduce the words prime and composite
 TSW will record the vocabulary for prime and composite numbers and will create some examples of prime and composite numbers. The teacher will model prime factoring for the students as the students record the information in their spiral tablets. The teacher will explain the process of the factor tree to students as well.
 TSW will continue to model prime factorization examples in their class notes and the teacher will perform an informal assessment with the students to check for understanding of the objective.
 Provide students with modeled factor tree that they will be able to access at home when finishing their activity.
Checking For Understanding:
 Journal writing that will allow the students to recall steps to doing a factor tree to find prime factorization.
 Journal writing
Teacher Reflections:
 Were students able to understand the factor tree fro finding prime factorization? Were the students able to complete the independent practice successfully?

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