Lesson Plan : The 5 Literary Elements

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 K.Sultana - Demo Lesson
 Grade 7-8
 Literature Activities

 To learn about the five elements of literature: character, setting, plot, theme and point of view. Due to limited time for the class, not all elements may be covered.
 Define the elements of literature. Read the Fairy Tale Jack and the Beanstalk and analyze it for the elements of literature. Understand new vocabulary: genre, analyze, theme, plot, protagonist, antagonist & gallant.
 Students should have a basic understanding of the elements of a story. They should participate in discussions and listen to other students comments.
 Given a similar story they should be able to at a minimum figure out character, point of view and setting. Perhaps they may be able to write a paragraph describing some character or setting.
 Handout of Literary Elements definition sheet. Handout of Jack and the Beanstalk element fill in sheet. Handout of Jack and the Beanstalk Fairy Tale sheet
 Hand out literary elements definition sheet. Ask class to listen while I review the elements. Talk about how we will read a Fairy Tale and then analyze it for the elements of literature.
 Handout Jack and the Beanstalk sheet and begin reading while the children follow along. Change voices to make interesting. Ask if anyone wants to read some.
 Do first part of analysis with students: character. Prompt them for answers in listing of characters and traits. Let them list a few on their own. Go around room reviewing and assisting.
 Provide more assistance to those struggling with answers, and possibly shorten lesson to enure all are at same point.
Checking For Understanding:
 Review ideas discussed. Ask students to apply what they've learned to another book they've read.
 This is only an initial lesson. Need more lessons on this topic before any measure of progress can be seen.
Teacher Reflections:

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