Lesson Plan : On My Honor

Teacher Name:
 Thompson, Judy
 Grade 6
 Special Education

 Honor and Friendship
 Friendhip, problem solving, and the influence of peers are important matters for adolescent and pre-adolescent consideration. While emphasizing comprehension and vocabulary building, content matters regarding friendship will be explored.
 My goal is for students to be able to identify traits that make a friend and the meaning of honor. Making difficult decisions in life. Problem solving
 Students will be able to use skils and strategies below to have a better understanding of the material being read. Thinking-brainstorming, analyzing, summarizing Literary elements-characteration, point of view, plot. Vocabulary- Comprehension-compare and contrast, predicting. Writing-Summaries of chapters.
 On My Honor written by Marion Dane Bauer Handouts of attribute webs, prediction chart,and anticipation guide. Overhead projector for showing attribute webs and prediction chart.
 What is a true friend? Before beginning to read the book we will discuss this question and re-address it throughout the book. Do the characters use good judgement in the choices they make? What makes a bully?
 Explain situations from different points of view such as of the parent of both boys and the expectations parents hold for their children. Loss of life and the effects it has on all involved.
 Prediction chart to check our predictions, compare and contrast characters. Class discussion of the characters and the others in the book.
 Book will be read aloud and students will follow along this book is written at the 6.0 level
Checking For Understanding:
 Chapter stop and question sessions, reading of the summaries. AR test score.
 Check out prediction sheets and talk about the ending and how the death of a friend is handled.
 AR test score,written summaries,and class participation.
Teacher Reflections:

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